SUPERCAT5E-300-REEL Rugged Shielded Tactical CAT5E Cable, 300′


Elite Core SUPERCAT5-300-REEL Converta-Shell Rugged Shielded Tactical CAT5E Cable, 300′ on Metal Reel

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Elite Core SUPERCAT5E-300-REEL Converta-Shell Rugged Shielded CAT5E Cable, 300′ on Metal Reel. Elite Core SUPERCAT cables feature the patent-pending CS-45 connector and Neutrik panel connector at the reel plate. The CS-45 allows for tactical ethernet style connections or RJ45 in a protective shell. Simply twist off the barrel of the CS-45 to reveal a fully protected RJ45 with push-button release in place. It’s tour-grade and tough. Fully shielded with the drain wire solder to the RJ45 on both ends. Fully compatible with standard RJ45 jacks.


Fast, twist-off conversion from RJ45 to tactical ethernet locking XLR style jack
Fully finished RJ45 connection with release button
No need to dismantle cable to revert to RJ45
Flexible design provides for flat lay and smooth roll-up
Patented design assures twist pitch stability
Effective spacing of cable pairs controls crosstalk
Rugged build protects cable from damage caused by external force or roll-overs
Perfect for mobile audio, DMX, video, and LED screens


Type: SUPERCAT5E STP Tactical Shielded
Twisted Pair
Jacket Color: Black
Outside Diameter: 7.5mm
Conductor Count: 4 Pair
Construction Details: (7/0.2+PE0.99)*(2C+MYLAR+PE2.65)*4 PAIR+ DW 7/0.22TC+AL FOIL+PVC
Main Conductor Guage: 24 AWG
Conductor D.C.R. ohm/1Km: <89.3
Nominal Capacitance ~ Conductors: <68.9 pF/m
Nominal Capacitance ~ Pairs: <57.3 pF/m
Impedance: 100 ohm
Flex Life: >8730 (Load of 500G ±30°)
Tensile Strength: >109kgf
Optimal Working Temperature: -4°F – 140°F
Max Working Temperature: -40°F – 158°F


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