Devoted to entertainment

Mayora Audio Productions, LLC is a company dedicated to the entertainment industry. We offer the sale and rental of professional sound equipment for private parties, home and offices, as well as commercial locations. We also offer advice when it comes to purchasing or installing sound systems and lighting. We install and equalize sound systems and sell corresponding accessories to your business or sound enthusiasts. Additionally, we are authorized delaer of Elite Core. If professionalism, quality, and excellent advisement is what you seek, Mayora Audio Productions is who you should come to.

With more than 25 years of experience in the sound engineering field, Mayora Audio Productions is your solution to all things sound. Our goal is auditory equilibrium for our clients and their affiliates.


Sale and rental of professional stage lighting and sound equipment

Installation of professional stage sound and lighting equipment

Equalizing sound systems

Professional grade advisement for new commercial or home system acquisitions

Stage set up for music events

Artist hiring for private or commercial events

Workshops for audio console operators