Our company sounds good

Mayora Audio Productions is a young company run by a sound engineer with more than 25 years of experience, knowledgeable about different brands and models of equipment.
Our goal is your hearing tranquility.

We have been part of large, medium and even small conferences, and in each place we have tried to maintain our goal so that the public can enjoy every note, every chord, every word. Each event is different, each situation is solved with the professionalism that characterizes us.

We cannot talk about Mayora Audio Productions without talking about its CEO Edgar Mayora, who has extensive national and international experience, as he has worked for various companies and artists in Venezuela, Aruba and the United States.

A connoisseur of Yamaha, Midas, Presonus, Behringer, Mackie and more. Always keeping up to date and searching for information. At the forefront of technology.

That’s why Mayora Audio Productions is the compendium of a team ready to give you the quality service you, your company and your clients deserve.

  • PPS-2 +48V Phantom Power Supply

  • OSP DB-01VC Two Input Direct Box wVolume Control

  • IMS-2 Premium Isolated Microphone Splitter 1 In – 2 Out

  • DIR-2 Premium Dual MonoStereo Direct Box

  • DIR-1 Premium Direct Box

  • Elite Core CT-04C Cable Tester

  • SuperFlex GOLD SFM-25-SD Standard Duty 25′ Microphone Cable

  • PROHEX-CORE-Pro Headphone Extension Cable with Remote Volume Control Beltpack


Our Services

Sound Engineering

For all types of events: Corporate, Public and/or Family

Acoustic Treatment

For discotheques, restaurants, cafes and any local that wants its client to enjoy a good and balanced sound system.

Sound Equipment

Sale, repair and/or installation of sound equipment and accessories.

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